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Which US State Produces Most Of The Roses For Valentine’s Day

After Christmas, Valentine's Day is considered the most famous occasion each year. It was celebrated every 14 February of the year. These celebrations start at 7 February and last for a whole week. Usually this week is known as the Valentine's week. Each day of the week contributes to various aspects related to things related to Valentine's Day. The first day of the week is considered a rose day, which falls on 7 February. As the name suggests, this day is mainly about Roses. Today I will let you know about the American state, which seems to produce the most roses for the celebration of Valentine's Day.

Do you know which state produces the most roses on this day?

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A rose is considered a flower of love. Everyone uses this flower in the mood for Valentine's Day. But a small number of people know about the facts associated with its production. In America, the state of California is considered to be the state that produces maximum roses for this ceremony . It is roughly reported that about 60 percent of American roses are produced by California. But the fact is that most flowers come from South America. California is considered the most populated part of America. It is located on the west coast of the United States.

More facts about roses

  • Most of the red roses will be sold and delivered within three days of harvest. It has about 110 million roses. Red roses are the most sold flowers during the Valentine's Day celebrations.
  • Men are known as most Rose Buyers during the Valentine's Day celebrations. They contribute to around 73 percent of people, while others seem to be women.

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