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Valentine Week List 2018: 7th to 14th February with Dates and Events

Valentines Week 2018

You can see our fascinating articles for all your needs for the upcoming Valentine Week 2018 event. We all know that Valentine’s Day is the romantic day of the year. In February we have celebrations all week, and here is Valentine’s Week List 2018. The love week starts with the Rose Day followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finishes with the Happy Valentines Day. It is a long event of 7 days (1 week) in which each day is celebrated as a special day for lovers and couples. It is very difficult for people to remember the days of this week, so I compiled the complete list that takes place every day from February 7th to 14th. The world is completely mature and people try their luck to impress their love. But before continuing, do you know when Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 is celebrated or the special days of love in Valentine’s Day? If so, then you are ready to go, but if you do not know, it can be a problem in your love life. Take a look at the Valentine’s calendar below to see the seven beautiful days of Valentine’s Day.
Now, check valentine week list 2018 with appropriate links to our collections for that specific day.

Valentines Week List 2018

7th of February 2018 Rose Day 2018
8th of February 2018 Propose Day 2018
9th of February 2018 Chocolate Day 2018
10th of February 2018 Teddy Day 2018
11th of February 2018 Promise Day 2018
12th of February 2018 Hug Day 2018
13th of February 2018 Kiss Day 2018
14th of February 2018 Valentine’s Day 2018

1 – Rose Day

Rose Day is the first day of Valentines Week. The day of Rose Day 2018 is 7th February. Valentine’s week starts on February 7th, the day of the rose when you can surprise your day with a morning kiss with a few roses in the morning. You will see that your partner is sad about your love and caring. You can give a rose to the person you want or love, and no one will even question your intentions.

Happy Roses Day 2018

Happy Rose Day 2018 Images Wallpaper, Quotes, Shayari, Love SMS

2 – Propose Day

Although happy couples around the world do not really want to express their love and commitment. But Valentine’s week second day offers an opportunity to make their loved ones special. No matter how much you care about your loved ones, but what you really desire is friendship commitment and loyalty. Therefore, this day of prediction, bring your special day, list your favorite dishes and wine and allow a good question to explode.

Boy Proposing a girl

Propose your loved ones on this Propose Day 2018.

But before that happens, start a day by reminding them of how much they are saying to you with these Propose Day messages and Quotes.

3 – Chocolate Day

Happy chocolate day to everyone. Chocolate Day 2018 Date February 9th. After Roses has given with a lifetime proposal, the relationship comes to Chocolate Day, where you can surprise your lover with chocolate boxes. This is a practical way to surprise your lover on this chocolate day. In addition, chocolate is one of these gifts you can not miss, and all the girls like it.

Happy Chocolate Day 2018

Happy Chocolate 2018 SMS | Messages

4 – Teddy Day

It’s time to send a stuffed bear who cares about his wife / partner, friends and loved ones. Women love teddy and keep it in their room with great memories. So do not forget to ridicule your partner with a soft teddy toy.
Happy Teddy Day

Love concept of teddy bear in red heart gift box on wood table.

On February 10, Teddy Day celebrates the favorite toys of beautiful women. What is better than a soft and soft eyelash that sticks to your when you off to sleep? Gifts of men with a teddy bear with different types and sizes of their love for their woman this day.

On this day people mostly search for Happy Teddy Day 2018 Wishes, Status, SMS, Quotes, Messages, Images.

5 – Promise Day

And if it’s the Promise Day, refine your love for devotion and zeal. It is true that we were involved in time, but we take a few minutes today and let your loved ones know what they mean to you and promise to do it.
The promise on February 11 is the most important of all, as it celebrates the true foundation of love. And for this occasion, here are some of your special messages.
Lock: Promise Day

Let’s promise your loved ones to stay in their life and to love them whole life!

Promise Day SMS Messages, Status for Whatsapp

6 – Kiss Day

Boy Kissing A gril

Happy Kissing Day 2018

English author Rupert Brooke said: “Kiss makes the heart more and more reluctant for years.” There is power in standardization and it improves our attitude unless we are completely focused. “According to this study, marriages are often forgotten, it lasts for five years over those who do not enter, think, right?

Honesty, in Indian culture, tears are overcome, but the lie can convey thousands of feelings. With the words of Swedish artist Ingrid Bergman, “Kiss is a good idea for nature to stop speech when invisible words.” And it can come from you, either your mother or your cousin.

During Kiss Day, you should send WhatsApp quotes, SMS, Kiss Day Images and messages to send to your loved ones.


7 – Hug Day


Happy Hug Day 2018

There is some comfort on the touch of your partner after a hard day’s work or just to give your mom or dad a warm welcome. Hugs have good strength and healing ability. Whether you believe it or not, this warm emotion is more than a deep skin. Oxytocin, also known as a romantic hormone or hormone dependent, is responsible for such mysterious thoughts. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, believe that this romantic emotion can have the benefits of combating aging. Now you have more than one reason to hug, right?

If on this day you are far from your loved ones, you can send at least these Hug Day images, text messages, WhatsApp and Facebook, to make your faces smile. After all, we can do everything with a little love.

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