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Best Valentine’s Day 2018 SMS

Colors may fade; the sun may not shine,

The moon may not be bright, the heartbeat may end,
life may pass, but our friendship,
I will value "until the day my heart stops.

Did I last told you

That I love you
well, just in case, if I did not
2nd day, I want to say
0 and more, and again
I love you this Valentine's Day.

The best thing about me is you.

I love you, my sweet heart.
Happy valentine.

Every second God remembers you,

God bless you every minute,
Every hour God cares for you because …
I pray to God every day to take care of U.
Happy valentine.

I love three things,

I love three things,
Sun, moon and you,
The sun 4 days,
The Moon's Night 4,
And U 4 Ever.
B / C I Love U 4 Ever …

I wanted to tell you

In Words of My Own
you are the Most Valuable Person
That's what I've ever known.

What will you give to Valentine, who is so sweet,

Hot, sexy, loving, caring and gentle?
Nothing, but a lot of hugs and kisses.
Happy Valentine!

1. once I saw that I was scared by 2 touch u.

1 time I touched, I was scared 2 kiss u.
1. once I kissed and was afraid to love u.
but now, when I love, I am afraid, I will lose 2!

I asked God for a rose n gave me flowers,

I asked God for water and he gave me the ocean,
I asked God for an angel who gave me the best love!

If I wake up one day and was asked to wish,

Mine would be for our love to last until we see the fish on the tree and the stars on earth
Happy Valentine, my love. . .

"Brother souls are not the perfect ones.

But they make each other perfect.
The way you improved me.
You have an incomplete path without you!

Love is eternal beauty, unrelated to time,

The beginning memory and the fear of the end disappear.
Bcoz's love is forever. I love you.

Love longs for some when you're apart

But how warm in the middle of Bcoz are close to your heart.
Just like us. I love you, honey …

Memories behave in a crazy way, leaving you in the crowd

And when you are alone, you feel that you are in the crowd. ….

"Forgetting about you is very difficult,

Forgetfulness of me belongs to you
Do not forget about me, forget about me ever,
I am in love with you forever.

Every time I look at you, I fall in love again and again

And now it happened again. The time has come for us to become 1
N will never fall apart forever. Will you be my Valentine …?

Valentine's Day is a reminder time for many married men

what a bad injection of Cupid. Happy Valentine's Day .. !!!

I'm on a mission:

Mission to avoid u,
Forget about,
get rid of you,
To not 2 speak 2u or not to meet,
Happy Valentine!

Your look has made my hour,

Your smile made my day,
Your laughter did my month,
your touch made my year,
and your friendship has made my life

All I want is someone who will be there for me,

All I want is someone who will look after me,
All I want is someone who is real,
I just want someone to be like you. Happy Valentines.

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