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Anti Valentine Week List 2018: 15th – 21st February with Dates and Events

Anti Valentines Week 2018

Yes, we have Anti-Valentine Day, actually Anti-Valentine week. After Happy Valentine Day 2018 we have 7 days earlier for valentine Week and after 7 days for anti valentine week. The Anti-Valentine week begins on February 15 with slap day followed by kick day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and ends with break up day. So if you have a bad Valentine’s day and you could not always have your partner stay with you, then Anti-Valentine week List 2018 is for you.
An anti-Valentine week is not only for singles, but also for those who do not want a relationship again. Does your boyfriend irritates you? Does your girlfriend costs your too much money? It’s a full week for this break. But it’s not just a break up, because the whole days of the week relates to separate. We see what they are and their importance.
Now, check anti valentine week list 2018 with appropriate links to our collections for that specific day.

Anti Valentines Week List 2018

15th of February 2018 Slap Day 2018
16th of February 2018 Kick Day 2018
17th of February 2018 Perfume Day 2018
18th of February 2018 Flirting Day 2018
19th of February 2018 Confession Day 2018
20th of February 2018 Missing Day 2018
21st of February 2018 Break up Day 2018

1 – Slap Day

Slap Day 2018 Wallpaper

Slap Day 2018

Slap Day does not give permission to hit a person. You have no reason to be violent and to avoid all your frustration. Basically means you can memorize feelings that make your life difficult.
Valentine’s Day 2018 is followed by Slap Day on February 15. Love is for those people who really want, but Slap’s day is dedicated to those who are conscious or do not know the wrong choices about their partners.

You can pay a lot of attention this day. Slap’s day does not mean that you will be violent, but that means, in particular, you just feel your loved one’s feelings or feelings, which torment you every day. The date is devoted to forgetting your relationship and continuing to live.

2 – Kick Day

The Kick Day does not allow anyone to kick. What you can is kick off your partner if you do not enjoy it. It’s the second day of the anti valentine week list 2018. It is also the same as the day of patience. This day meant to say be strong in your relationship. Get rid of all unwanted relationships.

Kick Day 2018

Kick Day 2018

3 – Perfume Day

Perfume Day is exactly what it looks like. Buy yourself a perfume or give a perfume to save your relationship from the bad smell.
Perfume Day 2018

Perfume Day 2018

Perfume means good smell. This will help you stay better in your relationship. It intends to spread your love like a good perfume.

4 – Flirting Day

This day for those who do not believe in love. In this day, unlike the likes of failure can look for another option in their lives.
Flirting Day 2018

Flirting Day 2018

The Flirting day is dedicated to all those who want to date. Do we really need a day of flirting? Can not we do that everyday?

5 – Confession Day

Confession Day 2018

Confession Day 2018

Let our love for each other really matter. In every aspect of life, it is a matter of love. Until today people can admire their love for loved ones.
We all hide the scenes on the basics. We all keep something from our partners but this anti valentine week day gives them an opportunity to admit everything they feel right.

6 – Missing Day

Missing Day 2018

Missing Day 2018

It’s the perfect day to tell someone you miss him/her. The date you waited can come to you! Or if you are already in a relationship, it will make sure your partner’s smile is sure.
This day is for the lovers of one side and the failures of love. We can not easily forget our love, we will die every day to lose them. So this day is devoted to the true lovers.

7 – Break up Day

The day of the break gives you the opportunity to get out of that strange relationship you’ve always wanted.
Most of us have complicated relationships. We lose ourselves to love them. Such people can dissolve on this day.

Break up Day 2018

Break up Day 2018

Don’t Forget to Check out Valentine Week List 2018 as well. Even if you are not a celebrator of these days, let’s find something good and have a wonderful week.
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