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9+ Long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend for Valentine Day

Long distance valentines day gift ideas

This is a list of the best long distance relationship gifts for boyfriend for Valentine Day that you can give. These gifts speak volumes about your love and affection. Go ahead and order any one of these to tell him how much you love him!

Tip – Give him something that always remains in front of his eyes so that he never forgets you even for a second.

A photo frame containing all your pictures together:

Combine all of you and his pictures and arrange them in a heart shape. Now get all the stuff in his favorite color. If possible, visit his place and get the gift delivered by your hand because this one is very fragile. He will surely be happy with your gesture.
valentine day gift idea of photos frame

Cushions with pictures of you both:

cushion of his/her photo valentine day gift idea

Let him know that you are always there for him 24*7 by gifting him a personalized cushion with a cute couple picture. This way he is never going to forget you.

The Coffee Mug with his and your name:

valentine day mug name gift idea
This mug will be cherished by him till eternity. He will have a thought of you every time he has some coffee. Now, that’s a shot. Buy here.

A cutting board with the couple’s names:

cutting board with name valentine day gift idea

Your dear chef will miss you every time he will head towards the kitchen to make food for himself. You can also send some cookies and edibles for him which are not fragile and do not spill or get rotten.

Long Distance Touch Lamps:

long distance touch lampThis is by far the marvelous of all gifts on my list. Here is a gift of technology for all the long-distance lovers. This lamp works on the rules of the temperature of your hand. There are two lamps when someone from either side puts a hand on the lamp, the other one emits the same light on the other side. You can let your boyfriend know whenever you miss him.

The Moon phase Cuff links:

moon phase valentine day long distance gift idea

This gift is quite extraordinary, gift these cuff links to your beau and let him know that you love him a lot. They work on the basis of the lunar cycle. You can get more information about this pretty product on this website.

Salt Lamp Natural Air Purifier:

salt lamp long distance valentine day gift idea

What is better than a heart-shaped lamp emitting beautiful lights and aroma around his bedroom which reminds him of you. It is handcrafted from natural Himalayan crystal salts.

Platinum Love Bands:

plantium band love gift idea

If you can afford one, this is a perfect gift for any guy who loves wearing accessories. Try getting your name inscribed on your ring and your name on his ring. So cute isn’t it?

Ticket to his favorite festival:

ticket to his favorite festival gift idea

Surprise him with a visit and gift him two tickets to his favorite festival. For instance, you can arrange a visit to Tomorrow land for the both of you and have the time of your life.


If not impressed, here are some options that you might want to consider too.

  • A tee from his favorite clothing merchandise
  • A mixed tape
  • A diary depicting all the reasons as to why you love him
  • His favorite chocolate and cookie box
  • Favorite color wallet
  • His favorite Wine and the list goes on.

Happy Valentine Day to all the couples in the world

Long-distance relationships have their fair share of up and down, so it’s so important to continue with communication in a long distance relationship.

You need to give some extra efforts in this kind of relationship. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and you must definitely express your loved ones who live so far away from you. Let me tell you a story of one of my friends who was in a long distance relationship.

On every Valentine’s day, she dropped her beau with a lot of presents. When she was young and not employed, she still made her little by delivering flowers to his house. Now, as CEO of the company, the price of her Valentine gifts has also gone a long way. Last year she got her boyfriend a Louis Vuitton wallet and it was a montage of all the special moments she has been spending so far. But whatever the cost of the gift, it’s the value attached to it, which made its difference. Both of them love each other very much and probably have a very good know-how of how to keep a long-distance relationship.

To help all the girls, I organized a list of some of the best Valentines gifts for him.

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