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10 Valentines Gifts for first Time Boyfriend🎁

Suppose you have just started your relationship a week ago and Valentiness day has approached, how can you find out what he loves? Well, you can not do that at all, so it's always best to give something very neutral to the man you just started dating. I mean, you can not be very bushy or really formal.

You have to be somewhere in between. I know a girl who gave his first-time boyfriend a bouquet of his photos and he was quite overwhelmed, but everyone is not the same. Let's see the list with the 10 Valentines gifts for the first time as a friend.

A nice D.I.Y card

It is difficult to understand what you should give your first boyfriend on the very first Valentine's Day that you are celebrating together. Cool, a card is the best way to express your feelings. You can note your feelings on the beautiful card to let him know that you really think so much about him.

Portable emergency power bank

This is perhaps a great gesture that you also do for your first boyfriend and yourself. Confused? Well, this is due to the fact that he can then charge his phone wherever he goes and you will not all be tense about his whereabouts. It is available for $ 8.99 on Amazon.

Personalized beard brush

It is available on Amazon for $ 17.99 and is a great gift for someone with a beard. The great thing about this beard brush is that you can also get your personal design or wording on the brush itself and for free.

Star Trek table lamp

It is available for $ 15.96 on Amazon and is really a great gift. It is a perfect gift for those who are avid fans of the Star Trek. The product comes with a USB cable and changes into seven different colors with the click of a button.

Band coffee mug

It is available for $ 17.99 on Amazon and is a perfect choice for the man who loves cars and so on. The product is made of stainless steel from the inside and is also heat resistant.

Subscription box

Try to know from his friends what he really likes, for example, you can get him a subscription to his favorite salon or maybe his favorite merchandise. He will be more than happy to receive such a gift.

Handle on his smartphone

Do you feel sorry for him when he gets tired when he holds the phone while video talks to you? Show him that you care about him by giving him this grip for his smartphone. It is available on Amazon for $ 23.08.

Personalized Mints

It is available on Amazon for $ 29.99 and allows three beautiful emoticon stickers to be used on them. It contains 300 individually wrapped peppermints in it.

Snack basket

If your friend is a connoisseur, this would be the best gift for him. Well, you can also have personal notes infused in the basket. Curate all his favorite food! For example, you can use chocolates and so on and decorate the basket with a Valentine theme and tadaa that you are ready.

Doggo-themed sweats

If your first boyfriend is a dog lover, then this is probably a perfect gift for him. The quote on the sweatshirt is also quite funky. It is also available in 4 other colors. It is available for $ 42.95 on Amazon.

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